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The Morning Happy Hour

Posted by on Aug 5, 2009 in Musings | 0 comments

Are you ready for the understatement of the century? Well, it is HOT here in Arizona in the summer time. I moved here last year and am just amazed at how people can live in an environment that is constantly hot. It never cools down! Nights are ‘cool’ at 85 degrees and the days have been reliably in excess of 110 degrees!

I like to run to keep fit. This turns out to be quite the undertaking when the heat is on! Since the summer hit, I’ve started getting up early to hit the pavement before the temperature hits the triple digits – which has worked pretty well and brings me to the point of this post! Morning runners (and cyclists for that matter) are friendly, happy and sociable people! This came as quite a shock to me!

I found when I started running that as soon as I approached another runner, I would drop my head and pretend that they weren’t there. I would look up at the last minute and be greeted with a friendly gesture and a hello and would be filled with guilt for being such a self-centered prat!

This got me thinking about how I fit in society on a daily basis. I’ve found myself in my daily life becoming less and less aware of my surroundings. I’m tied to my Blackberry when I’m walking around either reading email messages or tweets and completely ignoring everyone around me. The more I think about, the more it disturbs me. And I know I’m not the only one who does this!

While I’m on the topic of being more social, another thing that irks me is that people rely FAR too heavily on email and texting as a form of communication (might as well throw Facebook and Twitter in there too). I can’t tell you how many times I’m copied on an email string between 2 people that goes on and on for hours without getting any closer to a resolution! As a manager I have had to (metaphorically) grab the 2 people by the ears and drag them together into a conference room to resolve the issue – the resolution usually occurs in a matter of minutes!

I don’t want to ramble on about this just to fill up the white space, but I think we could all make a concerted effort to be more sociable and acknowledge the presence of others. I now look forward to when I come upon another runner and I’m given the opportunity to say G’day and smile – it’s quite liberating! Next step is to extend my morning happy hour to the rest of my day – put down the Blackberry, look around and be friendly! I encourage you to do the same! We are here to interact with people on a personal level – let’s up the ante!

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