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Your Company Needs a Facebook Page

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Your Company Needs a Facebook Page

There’s no argument that social media has changed the entire ambience of the online world. It has changed the way people interact with each other, paved the way for small businesses to market themselves in a more controlled manner and has created opportunities for people who want to conduct their businesses on the internet. The most influential of these is Facebook.  It has millions of users, twice the population of United States and the numbers are growing day by day at an astonishing rate. Half of Facebook’s users log onto Facebook every day.

Your company needs to be on Facebook and this presence has become a necessity rather than a choice.  If your business/company needs to be successful, first it has to be visible to all its potential customers, many of which can be found as active users on Facebook. Facebook provides the option of making a fan page for your product or a business page for your company.

When someone ‘likes’ that page and become a fan, all the updates from that page by your company would be visible on their Facebook profile. This way a company can engage and interact with the potential customers and the consumers on a real time basis along with feedback as well. People can comment on the posts and share their thoughts as to what they actually think about your product or a service. These comments are usually honest as people tell you straight up via comments whether they like your product or not. You can thus gather all these responses and strategically analyze what the company can do to further build good will and reputation for your brand.

Having a Facebook page is different from having a company website but you definitely need both. People won’t visit your website everyday but by making people like your fan page you can actually stay connected with them and they’ll receive your updates on their Facebook whenever they login to their profiles. The company can inform the people about new product launches, any changes to the current product and share all kinds of necessary information to promote their brand.

Here are some other interesting facts about a Facebook Business (or Fan) Page:

  • A user does not have to be a member of Facebook either to see your Facebook page.
  • Your Facebook page will show up in search results via search engines.  So remember SEM techniques when setting your page up.
  • You can have unlimited number of fans on Facebook while a Facebook personal profile limits friends to only 5000.
  • Facebook provides analytics like the number of visitors, their age, gender etc for your Business page, which gives you extremely valuable marketing data.
  • Facebook sells advertising which you can use to target other Facebook users and drive them to your Fan page based on their likes and demographic information.

With all these benefits I believe having a presence on Facebook and really work wonders for the company.  No matter how big or small you might be, why haven’t you done this yet?!


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