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Market Samurai Keyword Tool Deal

Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Musings | 2 comments

Market Samurai Keyword Tool Deal

I’m going to start a series of posts on tools I’ve been using running my small business and the first in this series is all about Keywords and SEO (search engine optimization).  As you are probably aware – finding the right keywords for your business is essential as you need to make sure your customers can easily find you using those keywords.

One thing I’ve found is that even though I thought I knew what the right keywords were – I had no idea how competitive those keywords might be and how easy (or difficult) it would be for me to effectively use those keywords to get strong organic search results.  This is where the Market Samurai Keyword Tool came into play.  I found out about this tool over a year ago and after I tried it out I had to buy it as it immediately helped me out with my keyword research.

Market Samurai will integrate with your Google Adwords account and help you find out which keywords are the best ones for you to target to get front page rankings in Google and other search engines.  It’s easy to pay for keywords using Adwords, but why not find keywords that you can get great organic search results from!

Market Samurai usually costs $149 and they are currently having a half price sale – so you can get in at only $75 but only for the next 10 days.  You can access the half price sale by clicking on this link (

I wanted to pass on this deal as it really is a fantastic product that I personally own and use regularly.  Please email me, or leave a comment if you have any questions about Market Samurai and I’d be happy to help out!

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